Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

The Stunning Truth About Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

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Christie Brinkley is famous for her everlasting beauty. She looks younger even in the age of 58. People are really surprised of her amazing looks. It cannot be the result of anti-aging creams. It is in rumors that Christie has gone out for several surgical treatments. It has been noticed that she had experienced facial surgery in her early fifties. In fact Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery is officially admitted by a certified plastic surgeon Youn.

One more interesting news about Christie’s family tradition for plastic surgery is that her daughter has modified her nose. It is reported that Christie and her daughter have experienced plastic surgery with one day difference. The surgery was carried out at Lenox Hill hospital New York and the expense of this surgery was more than 60,000 dollars.

One of the Christie Brinkley family spokesperson declared that Alexa (daughter of Christie) had severe problem in breathing, so she went for plastic surgery of her nose. The spokesperson explained that Christie was in hospital to look after her daughter.

Christie Brinkley plastic surgery can be spotted out through comparing her old and new pictures. People have definitely noticed distinctive changes in her outlooks. People do not wonder about her plastic surgery but they are really astonished about her anti aging skin. She is getting younger day by day. Her skin is more fresh and shiny than before. It has been thought that she might be taking Botox injections; blepharoplasty and face lift to enhance her beauty.

Christie Brinkley plastic Surgery is still not confirmed and people are taking interests in such rumors. In reality, the face of Christie is not at all freaky and artificial. She has her innocent and natural looks like she had in past. Moreover, we can find out wrinkles around her mouth and eyes. It may be the result of face lift that her skin has become tighter and smoother. It is really difficult to confirm that she is taking any kind of Botox injections. Her face does not show any sign of injections. It can be due to her genes, regular exercise and healthy diet.

Christie Brinkley plastic Surgery has not been approved through any evidence. Her face looks a quite natural and make the people surprised her about her youthful appearance. Whatever is the cause of her beauty, all people are agree that she is strikingly beautiful woman the world.

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

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  1. Sorry, there's no difference, she's had nothing.

  2. Patricia Ann Shorts Toney says:

    I watched her on the view when she admitted she had work done when she turned 50. I am sure it still is going on.

  3. Gale R. Gough says:

    Christie Brinkley has had blepharoplasty, boob implants, multiple injections to smooth out facial lines. It is very obvious to a trained eye.

  4. Kitty Fane says:


  5. Myff Meowmeow says:

    It is obvious to my eyes she has lots of fillers & botox as well as a neck lift & face lift.

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