Dolly Parton Bra Size

Dolly Parton bra size – can it get any bigger than this?

We have seen a lot of heavy chested ladies in the tinsel town; let it be singers or actresses. But no one seems to have astounded the media and tabloids as much as the story of Dolly Parton bra size! This singer cum songwriter seems to have a pair of gorgeous looking breasts whose size has surely been affected by cosmetic surgery. No matter what attire you see Dolly in; from a bikini to a low cut dress to a full sleeved sweater; her breasts seem to make a mark on all of them with their prominence and size. This is the reason we cannot help but imagine this amazing country music singer has paid quite a lot of money for their upkeep!

The exact Dolly Parton bra size is a 40 DD making this singer a hit favorite when it comes to searching for breast sizes over the internet. She has always been very open about her breasts calling them “the girls” and mentioning them in many songs like “Talk Like Sex”, “Dolly Parton’s Tits”, etc. in most interviews she jokes about how she and “her girls” have come a long way making it quite obvious that external help has been provided to her for them! She has gone under the knife not just for her breasts but also for various facelifts. She says that if she sees any part of her body sagging, she has to get a nip or tuck so that she can maintain her youth and image. There are very few celebrities who could say this so openly which is why we respect this lady a lot!

The Dolly Parton bra size gained even more hype when it was found that she insured her breasts for $600,000! Now that is some accidental damage coverage that would have to be paid to her just so that her breasts are in good shape! Now on one hand, having those DDs sure has given her a lot of attention but on the other hand, due to such a heavy load on her chest, she seems to be suffering from back pain and soreness. She once had to cancel a concert tour as her doctor had advised strict bed rest for this condition. But Dolly joked about this entire episode on Twitter saying that when you lug these (her breasts) around, it is obvious that the back would hurt!

Dolly Parton Bra Size Dolly Parton Bra Size

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