Madonna Plastic Surgery

Madonna Has Undergone For Plastic Surgery To Conceal Her Old Looks

Madonna is known as the best singer all over the world. She is recognized as the world top class modern pop singer. She was born in 1958 and has performed many roles in movies as well. Madonna plastic surgery has totally  changed her appearance and she looks young and attractive. Madonna is well known for reinventing her image continuously. She has crossed her early 50s and it is the right time to face wrinkles and loose skin.

In American society, it has become a norm to look young forever. Instead of having wrinkled face, loose breast shape and lines on her forehead. She has become the symbol of youthful appearance. Madonna plastic surgery has given her great advantages with refresh appearance. In order to sustain her looks, she has experienced a facial cosmetic procedure, mini face lift, Botox injections and fillers.

Dr. Andrew exclaimed that the use of facelift, Botox injections and fillers have changed her face like a teenager’s fresh face. There are some rumors regarding Madonna plastic surgery and it is suspected that she has taken hyaluronic acid fillers for her cheeks, collagen injections for healthy lips, Blepharoplasty for eyelids and chin enhancement etc. Madonna has persisted that she has not taken plastic surgical procedure. She has disclosed her fears regarding bad plastic surgery and freaky appearance.

We can find the hidden truth by matching her present and past pictures. Her eyes, forehead, cheeks and jaw line show that she is a young lady but the skin of her hands and arms can reveal her real age. Madonna plastic surgery has not been applied on her body parts like hands, feet, legs and arms. The wrinkled skin without any sign of elasticity can expose her actual age. Unfortunately Madonna has become the part of wrong plastic surgery because her cheeks looked like a pillow face.

Madonna has undergone for her well defined nose, however she has been criticized due to extra slimmed nose in 1990s. Katie Price likes the plastic surgery in Britain but she surprised to see the horrible looks of Madonna . She called her boobs like football filled with extra air. Her face has become frozen and expressionless. Katie Price feels sorry for the changed looks of Madonna as she was always admired by her but her plastic surgery has spoiled her stunning appearance.

Madonna Plastic Surgery before and after Madonna Plastic Surgery

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  1. I am the best!

  2. Best singer in the world?! Other than her performance in Evita, where she was passable thanks after intensive voice lessons and God knows how many studio takes and electronic corrections, she is about the worst. Can't carry a tune in a bucket. You can call her a great entertainer. But singer?! Get the wax out of your ears.

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