Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Media Discussion On Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Attempts

Megan Fox was born in Florida and known as the great American actress. She has appeared in  2 movies of “The Transformers”. She has touched the height of fame in a short span of time and people have become conscious about her looks and appearance. Megan Fox plastic surgery has shocked the public. However, the actress does not confirm the plastic surgery attempts.

Her fans and media reporters claimed that she has become the victim of bad results of plastic surgery. Megan Fox has denied that her facial expressions are not changed due to plastic surgery. Her figure has the same appearance and there is no sign of augmentation. However, most of the Hollywood celebrities like to deny the plastic surgery attempts. They don’t want to make fun of their artificial and fake figure. The rumors regarding Megan Fox Plastic surgery are initiated due to her plain and smooth face. There are certain injections that can be injected into the body that can eliminate the wrinkles and lines of the face. It is often reported that Megan Fox has given breast implantation. She has filled her lips and cheeks with Restylene.

Megan Fox plastic surgery rumors regarding her liposuction, fillers, breast augmentation and Botox injections have been denounced by the actress. She has created a series of photos on her specific Facebook page. On this page she has given the list of things that can’t be obtained with the Botox injected face. Through this photo series, Megan Fox has presented her numerous facial expressions that show her wrinkles on forehead. Moreover, she has shown her pictures with raised eyebrows and it is definitely difficult to do with Botox injected face.

Surgeons and media reporters have viewed various pictures of Megan Fox in different states. She has been optimized in her undressed and dressed to find out the signs of plastic surgery. The amazing fact is that even the surgeons could not approve Megan Fox Plastic surgery attempts. They have considered her looks and claimed that she has more natural looks. DI Saia is a plastic surgeon, who was also confused to view her natural breast shape.  Dr. Di Saia has expressed that Megan Fox may have undergone for breast augmentation but her breast augmentation is so small and natural that we can’t find the visible sign of it through her pictures.

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    still hot looking.

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  4. shes attractive before.

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