Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery

Melanie Griffith Is Accused By Public For Her Bad Plastic Surgery

Melanie Griffith is the well known celebrity who has crossed her early 50s. She is married to Antonio Banderas. She was famous for her youthful and charming features. However, Melanie Griffith plastic surgery has become the real cause  her infamous career.  Her lips have become over plumped due to excessive use of fillers. She looks unattractive and disgusting.

There are various evidences that can reveal the truth behind her infamous appearance. It has been speculated that Melanie Griffith plastic surgery  has changed her looks   due to eyelid lifting. However, the actress has not confirmed about her plastic surgery. She said in an interview that she was addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Her family and especially her 4 children had assisted her in winning the battle against drugs and alcohol addiction.

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery  has spoiled her natural looks. In 1988, she appeared in a movie Working Girl, her appearance and her figure was up to the mark. She was awarded Golden Globe for her  striking and gorgeous performance.  Unfortunately, she has known the views of people against her horrible looks.  She admitted in front of the media that the majority of people do not like her due to her grotesque and unnatural expressions. People are surprised what kind of surgeons she has selected to spoil her beauty?

By comparing her pictures we have come to know that she has experienced the surgeon’s knife several tikes in her life. She has used face lift, breast augmentation, liposuctions, facial fillers and lip augmentation  etc. She has crossed her young age and it is common with American celebrities to undergo for a plastic surgery in this age.  Melanie Griffith plastic surgery was probably used to give her most refined looks. However, the result was completely against her perceptions. In order to make her beautiful forever, she has used a lot of fillers in her face. Her face has become unnatural and fake. Her new shape of the lips is nutritious and more plumpy therefore people like to call it fish lips actress. Many surgeons have given their reviews regarding her breast augmentation as her boobs have become  bigger in size. She has taken the treatment of liposuction to clear the fats and Botox injections to make her skin smooth and young.  Unfortunately, she has to face drastic effects  due to her intense use of plastic surgery.

Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery before and after Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery

Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery before Melanie Griffith Plastic SurgerymgriffithBIG1005 468x550 Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery

melanie griffith look like now1 Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery


  1. Nan Bishko Iwasaki says:

    The 2nd before picture doesn't even look like Melanie…I believe it is Jennifer Garner!

  2. Nope. It's Mel.

  3. Angie Curran says:

    Nice English – correct your own page before you go insulting someone

  4. Whoever wrote this is a moron.

  5. Marianne Hart says:

    Give the lady a break! It must not be too easy aging in Hollywood.

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