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Nikki Cox Is Condemned Due To Her Plastic Surgery

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Nikki Cox started her amazing career in the 90s. She was famous for her attractive and lovely smile. She was a successful actress and mostly cast for hot chick roles.  Suddenly her career declined and there was a great reason behind spoiled career. Nikki Cox Plastic surgery  was the topmost reason of her dead  career.

Nikki Cox plastic surgery  is an example of freaking and horrible looks. In recent years, thousand of suspicions have been raised due to changed looks of Nikki Cox.  Many specialists have called her surgery as a stone cold fact at the back of her ugly appearance. Nikki Cox is an American famous actress, who has crossed her early 30s. She has worked in various TV shows. There are rumors regarding her artificial looks. We do not have proofs for her surgical attempts but the only evidence  that can show her changed appearance is her pictures.

It is common that celebrities like to undergo plastic surgeries and modify their appearance. Hence, Nikki Cox plastic surgery has produced drastic effects on her appearance. It is definitely due to the excessive use of surgical treatments.  Her changed features are so significant that an untrained eye can easily spot out the differences.

Nikki Cox plastic surgery  has not only changed her lips shape but also effected on her face. Her upper lips are extremely wider in appearance it doesn’t suit her personality. Her breast are not only bigger in size but also looked as if something has pushed them up. It is due to the use of large size silicon pads. However, it might be true that some of the changes will be the outcome of her weight reductions, lifestyle and diet. Nikki Cox has not accepted the wild spread rumors. She has straightforwardly denied the use of Botox injections and fillers. Nobody  can believe in her given statements because her lips are telling the truth. If we look at her present pictures then the first thing that can astonish  a person is her fuller and wider size of lips. It is clearly proved by many surgeons that she has used fillers in her lips. Plastic surgery is a procedure to enhance the beauty and to conceal the defects regarding face and figure. It has been noticed that such treatments should be used cautiously, otherwise the outcomes will be horrible or unnatural.

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Nikki Cox plastic surgery before and after Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery

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  1. Nikki Cox is a prime example of a woman who was adorable, and then ruined her looks for some unknown reason. I don't know if someone is telling these women they should get plastic surgery, or if they decide on their own. No matter which it is, it's just a shame that they ruin the one thing that made them stand out in the first place.

  2. what a shame. The pressure to look good forces actors to do surgery and sometimes it goes wrong.. Won't stop people from Rolling the dice as the stakes are so high and it's tough to get roles that don't involve being hot if you are women..

  3. Jessica Mutsaers says:

    She was gorgeous as she was… now she is horrible yugh! Real shame:(

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